Missionary Resource Network is an Inter-Denominational Christian ministry having roots in Calvary Chapel churches and Youth with a Mission although we are not owned or controlled by either.

Shipping & Logistical services
This ministry actually started by providing shipping services for missionaries. No we do not pay for the shipping but handle all logistical aspects of obtaining the item and getting it to you. Some of us in the ministry have backgrounds in international shipping and can process the required paperwork for you. In addition we have formed relationships that will discount shipping costs. We even network with short-term mission teams and airlines to transport your goods.

Purchasing Services
We also provide a full service purchasing service for ministry and personal needs. We have worked hard to seek relationships with people who are willing to give missionaries the best possible price for the items they need. In some cases we have been successful in getting items donated. Do to the fact we are a 501-C-3 non profit ministry we are able to provide tax deductable receipts for donors and are not required to pay sales tax on items we purchase for missionaries.

If you require the shipment of larger items such as a car, van or truck we are able to provide this service. We in addition can purchase your required vehicle at wholesale-auction prices. Good 15 passenger vans are a popular item. We will also have your car professionally inspected for mechanical integrity before it leaves our shore. In the past we have shipped dozens of cars to the Caribbean, South and Central America. Please go to request page to place your need.

Missionary Technology
This section is designed to bridge the technology gap between the Western missionaries and the knowledge needed to minister in a developing country. A portion of Western missionaries have never been exposed to windmill water pumps, water purification, gas generators and the need to grow their own food. We can only hope to offer a small portion of the information needed. This section will be under constant development and ask that you contact us if you have information to ad. Our primary source of information comes from the H.E.A.R.T. Institute in Lake Wales Florida.