Giving Thanks – Bringing Balance

We would like you to rejoice with us that we have raised over $90,000 of the $280,000 needed to buy our Amazon Ministry boat ( see budget below). We strongly feel God is truly with us on this project but know it will take time to “get it off the ground” and into the water. For this venture of faith we have been seeking one-time gifts from grant foundations and individuals. Once the boat is in service, financial support will come from the local Christian community in Brazil and short-term mission teams from the United States.

In addition to the exciting financial dynamic above, we need to mention that we have “lost” some Missionary Resource supporters, as resources are redirect towards our Amazon River project. This is a blessing and a real compliment to our future plans. But part of expanding the ministry to Brazil is making sure our support at Missionary Resource in Florida is not running at a loss. Would you please consider helping us bring our budget into balance and becoming a regular monthly supporter. Our current shortfall is a modest 3.7% of our annual budget. But please feel free to invest in any way you feel led.

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