Making Ministry Plans

During the next 9 weeks we will be available to speak in churches, Bible studies, Sunday schools and Home fellowships. Please call us with opportunities. With the next newsletter we will have a new brochures, prayer cards, and informational packets for churches, foundations and donors.

Once in Brazil, we will be moving forward with our plans to establish a base of operations for our future riverboat. This may take up to a year before we are able to buy a boat. For outreaches and visiting groups we will be “renting” a boat from the Brazilian Bible Society until we get our own.  During the development phase we will also be involved in training churches in missionary care. Brazil is sending lots of missionaries but many are returning due to lack of care and resources.

When in Brazil we will be living in a missionary community called MICEBE. This will give us the greatest opportunity to network with other local ministries, it will also be a time of adjusting to the culture and the Portuguese language.

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