Ministry in Motion

Thank you once again for your prayers and support.  We are loading another container for relief in Haiti.  We were blessed with a generous donation of 18 pallets of tarps from a local company, 52,000 Bible tracts in French from our friends at Sowers of Seed and their supporters that made it possible for them to print, 7 pallets of food from our faithful supporters here at MRN.  With the help from the team at Haiti’s Hope we will be shipping the second container this week.  Please pray for those still suffering from the effects of the earthquake in Haiti as well as those in Chile.  With the love of Christ being shown first, the words of Christ will be more powerful and many will be saved through this tragedy.  God has also been blessing the ministry thrift store in ways that i can’t explain.  Praises to His Holy Name.  It is awesome to see the ministry and the thrift store thriving again in His hands, and by His grace.  Serving until He comes, Gary