More supplies being sent to missionaries

Hello again everybody,  sorry it has been a couple of months since the last update.  We have been very busy gathering supplies for missionaries, loading containers as well as running the Resource Thrift Store.  We had another container go to Haiti, one being loaded now and a couple hundred pounds of supplies to the Amazon Reach mission.  I want to personally thank everybody involved in the gathering, packing, loading and transporting of all the supplies.  Not only those  here, but to all those who have a hand in unloading and distributing of the goods sent, thank you.  God has been continually blessing the Thrift store.  More and more, we have been getting in beds and furniture that goes out as fast as we can bring it in.  Donations are up and we have volunteers starting to show up to help both in the store as well as doing pick ups and deliveries.  Again, Thanks to everyone who makes all this possible.  May God bless each and everyone for your cheerful hearts in giving of your time and talents to help us succeed.