Next Steps

I know you all have been praying for us to sell our house. But after 8 months it just did not happen. So once again we switched to plan “B”. We have refinanced our house and will be renting it for at least the next year. So if you know anybody looking to rent a 3-2  on a canal in West Boca then let us know. There is an ad in the Good News South Florida paper.

Renting the house solves several major obstacles but creates a few others, since we will not be leaving with as much personal cash as we once thought. So a few things have been bumped off the priority list. One of the things we desired is to own a truck for ministry in Brazil. It looks like we will downsize to an “econobox”. Vehicles in Brazil are very expensive, about 30-100% more than in the USA. How about a 7 year old Dodge mini-van for $20,0000 – OUCH !  In all this we realize it is a blessing to have a car even though we have learned to take it for granted. More importantly we learn to trust God for our provision and not in our personal assets.

Our plan is to leave for Brazil in October of this year.  We will be traveling to Brazil in the very near future to scout out a place to rent during our initial time of adjustment. Our prayer is to get a house on a missionary housing development. (we are on the waiting list). This will help us network with the local Missionary community.  Just for a refresher. We will be in the city of Belem. It is easy to locate on a map or globe. Just find where the equator hits the coast of South America. That’s where we are headed.

In our next newsletter we will be constructing our monthly ministry budget for Brazil. ((It is also possible that someone will sponsor a $10,000 matching grant that will double your donation !)) This budget will include our personal living expenses. Generally we know that rent will be low but other things are no bargain. Gas is currently $4 a gallon. We ask you to consider supporting us with monthly support or one time checks that can be written to Missionary Resource Network and are fully tax deductible. More importantly, please do not forget us in your prayers……

#1.) For the rent of our house to a dependable tenant.

#2.) For the hundreds of details we need to accomplish before we go.

#3.) For the 4 major container shipments that need to go out this month.

#4.) For Jill’s health. She just had a lump removed that was not cancer.

#5.) For my ability to learn how to speak Portuguese.

#6.) For the fundraising of our riverboat project.

#7.) For God’s provision of the operating costs of the ministry here.

#8.) The ministry paid $13,000 to a mechanic to do some repairs on a  boat that was donated to the ministry. Sadly the mechanic has not touched the boat in 6 months. Please pray he decides to do the right thing. Otherwise we need to go to court. This will take time, and we need to sell the boat and be able to move it in case of a Hurricane.

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