Getting ready to load another container

Posted by: gary on Friday, March 11th, 2011

We are once again gathering supplies for a missionary.  The container is scheduled to leave right after Easter.  The last container was loaded and delayed in customs because it needed a seaworthy certificate.  After much delay, another container was brought in a reloaded then finally shipped to Haiti.  The container that we are loading now is going to Brazil to help Joe and Jill.  We are also in need of musical instruments for different missionaries.  Joe is looking for an acoustic guitar, a missionary from Haiti  has an orphanage for handicapped children is in need of a sound mixer, guitars, speakers and microphones.  Some of the needs for Brazil range from simple to complex but all are needs, not wants.  Bed sheets for 3 twin beds, 1 full and 1 queen.  Also sets of towels and washcloths.  The more complex would be for washer and gas dryer as well as lawn equipment and mechanic tools.  You may not be able send these items to us, but your support will help us purchase these items at yard sales, craigs list and second hand stores.  What we have to purchase new we do through places like Big Lots, Harbor Freight,  home depot and walmart.  If you would like to help you can either use the donation button on this page, or you can send your donation to Missionary Resource Network, 4000 Bailey Rd. # 103  Fort Lauderdale, FL 33319.  For those who desire to help but are unable to financially because of hard times, you can support us and our efforts through your constant prayers.  We thank all of you for everything you do as you partner with us in reaching the unreached with the Gospel message.  We also ask you to be in prayer for the upcoming Luis Palau Festivals.  May you be filled with, and moved by, the Holy Spirit in all you do and say, God Bless.  Gary

Working Together

Posted by: gary on Monday, October 18th, 2010

Since the last time I have updated this site, things have changed.  We are still helping with supplies to missionaries, but support is down.  We understand that in these times of economical hardship that purse straps need to be tightened.  What most people don’t understand about missions is that the missionary gets their support from back here in the states as their visa’s won’t allow them to get jobs abroad.  When those that support them start cutting back in this area, the missionary suffers greatly.  We here at MRN are in the same boat, we have lost many supporters and are in financial hardship.  I don’t like to ask for money when so many are suffering, but if we can’t get our monthly support back up, we may have to close down.  We were just asked to help load and ship 3 more containers.   Christianity is about working together.  When Jesus started His earthly ministry, the first thing He did was chose twelve men to disciple and help with the work.  Moses and Aaron, Paul and Timothy.  The point is, together we can make it work.  Would you prayerfully consider supporting the Missionary Resource Network so we can continue supporting the missionaries?  Thank you.  “The Lord bless you and keep you;   The Lord make His face shine upon you,  And be gracious to you;  The Lord lift up His countenance upon you,  And give you peace.”’    Serving Christ until He returns, Gary

More supplies being sent to missionaries

Posted by: gary on Friday, July 16th, 2010

Hello again everybody,  sorry it has been a couple of months since the last update.  We have been very busy gathering supplies for missionaries, loading containers as well as running the Resource Thrift Store.  We had another container go to Haiti, one being loaded now and a couple hundred pounds of supplies to the Amazon Reach mission.  I want to personally thank everybody involved in the gathering, packing, loading and transporting of all the supplies.  Not only those  here, but to all those who have a hand in unloading and distributing of the goods sent, thank you.  God has been continually blessing the Thrift store.  More and more, we have been getting in beds and furniture that goes out as fast as we can bring it in.  Donations are up and we have volunteers starting to show up to help both in the store as well as doing pick ups and deliveries.  Again, Thanks to everyone who makes all this possible.  May God bless each and everyone for your cheerful hearts in giving of your time and talents to help us succeed.

Ministry in Motion

Posted by: gary on Saturday, March 20th, 2010

Thank you once again for your prayers and support.  We are loading another container for relief in Haiti.  We were blessed with a generous donation of 18 pallets of tarps from a local company, 52,000 Bible tracts in French from our friends at Sowers of Seed and their supporters that made it possible for them to print, 7 pallets of food from our faithful supporters here at MRN.  With the help from the team at Haiti’s Hope we will be shipping the second container this week.  Please pray for those still suffering from the effects of the earthquake in Haiti as well as those in Chile.  With the love of Christ being shown first, the words of Christ will be more powerful and many will be saved through this tragedy.  God has also been blessing the ministry thrift store in ways that i can’t explain.  Praises to His Holy Name.  It is awesome to see the ministry and the thrift store thriving again in His hands, and by His grace.  Serving until He comes, Gary