Prayer Needs

#1.) The summer months bring a seasonal slump to the Thrift Store sales. Please pray for the stores stability during its slowest month (September). We are also praying for more volunteers. Just a few hours a week is a blessing.

#2.) As many of you know, we received the donation of a 45-foot fishing boat about a year ago. In that context, we have been trying to fix the boat up to make it sellable. We are now planning to more the boat from its dock in Stuart FL. To a free dock 50 miles South. Please pray for our safety on this short trip. If any of you know a marine diesel mechanic, please let us know.

#3.) Along with #2 we are trying to sell this donated boat to finance the ministry boat we need on the Amazon. Please pray that we find a buyer for the boat very soon and that we get a respectable price. We would like to sell it “as is” without investing in anymore repairs. There is an interested party now but

#4.)  We are actively looking for a suitable tenant to rent our personal house. We tried for a full year to sell it without an offer, so renting is the only option. Please pray that we find a renter, if you know anybody looking, Please have them give us a call. We would love a personal referral.

#5.) My sister-in-law had been working for the ministry for about 4 + years. She is here on a missionary visa that is about to expire. Please pray for the extension or modification of her visa. She has many skills and experience that make her very valuable to the ministry and we would hate to loose her.

#6.) Please pray for our new ministry manager Edilberto who will keep the ministry and store running while we pioneer the work in Brazil. He has a lot to learn but has already mastered some of the operational functions. He has more missions experience that I do and feel he will manage well with the right preparation. Pray for me (Joe) as I train him for the work ahead. Again Volunteers will help this situation as well.

#7.) Please pray for all we need to do before we leave for Brazil. This includes packing and moving out of our house. Shipping of all our belongings to Brazil. For me to learn Portuguese. And the finances needed to make the Amazon River project a success.

#8.) Pray for wisdom on how to overcome all the above…

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