Questions and Answers

So many of you have come to us similar questions, we wanted to answer them for all.

Question? When will you be moving to Brazil?

Answer! This is the most common question we get. The answer depends on a few key factors. First we need to sell our house. This has been a huge challenge in today’s market. We have reduced our price to the bottom price of identical houses in the neighborhood, now all we can do is pray. But the best answer is 45 days after we have a contract on the house. Jill will leave 2 weeks before me. The next situation is waiting for our replacements to move permanently to Florida. They were living in Washington State but have been taking care of personal business in Brazil for the last 6 weeks, they will return to Florida about March 15th. (more on them latter)

Question? Who is going to run the ministry and thrift store when you move?

Answer! Here is the distinguished list:

Rute (Ruth in English) Pinto has been in charge of international communication and project coordination. This has greatly enhanced our ability to develop overseas projects like our Amazon River boat. She has even learned a little Creole’ for our Haitian friends. We are confident she will continue to do a fine job. She has a degree in business, is a Bible College graduate, and ran a large business in Brazil that included exporting. On the side she owned a clothing store in Brazil. Yes! She is over qualified. Rute is here on a visa that makes her a missionary TO the United States.

Our good friends Edilburto and Janice Abdalla will be overseeing the ministry dynamics. Both of them have been cross-cultural missionaries for over 20 years.  Jill first worked with them 19 years ago in Brazil. I first met them when I was with Mercy Ships 16 years ago. There is a very short list of people I would trust with the ministry. Needless to say Edilburto is one of those people. They have two very cute kids named Liam and Isabella. Please pray for the entire family as they make a major move and change in ministry dynamics.

Volunteers make up a dedicated labor force. People like George (pictured here) are valuable asset to the ministry. Most anyone can help in some way. Several of our volunteers have limitations. Do to a back problem, George is limited to very light work and details. His ability to take phone calls, and run the register, is a huge asset. Some volunteers come one time a week for 5 hours, How about you ???

Question? We hear that there are pirates on the river, how will you defend yourself?

Answer! At the moment we have decided to have extra fire hoses on the boat’s deck. But the bottom line is, we just need to depend on God for protection. We are also hopeful that the ships size, number of crew and steel construction will make the boat more intimidating. The truth is we are much more concerned about Dengue Fever and Malaria.

Question? How much more money needs to be raised for the riverboat?

Answer! To start building the boat we need to have $118,000 banked.  This is the minimum amount needed to start building the basic boat structure in Brazil. After this we can raise money little by little to equip the rest of the boat for ministry. At present we have $98,000 in assets. The project has an overall cost of $280,000 (see last months newsletter for details) We believe the money will be significantly easier to raise before we move, so all prayers are needed. We also need prayers to sell the donated boats we have received. This will unlock a portion of our invested cash need.

Question? how much money do you and Jill need in support?

Answer! We have estimated that we will need $2300 a month to live on. This includes $300 a month for health insurance. More than half is already pledged but more commitments will be needed before we can leave.

Question? what exactly are you plans when you get to Brazil?

Answer! For the first 2 months we will be in the city of Porto Velho for some training and orientation from our host ministry. Marine Reach is a multi national ministry that has been building infrastructure in Brazil for 2 years and is ready to initiate a project in the Eastern Amazon. After orientation we will then live in the city of Belem at the mouth of the River. To locate the city, just find where the Equator meets the coast of Brazil and that’s where we will be living full time. NO, we will not be living on the boat. But on a land base that will service the ship for outreaches.

Question? Will you live on the boat or in a house?

Answer! We will be living on land in the city of Belem. Most people are shocked to find out the metropolitan area of Belem is over 2 million people. But just a few miles out of the city, the Amazon Jungle becomes very dense.

Question? What ministry is Missionary Resource doing right now.   Answers below…………..

This is a shipment of 3600 skirts and 4500 shirts that are on their way to Russia. All the items are brand-new matching uniforms. The heavy 100% wool skirts are not much use in the Caribbean but will be a welcome sight the snow covered land of Russia.

This is a shipment of 10 brand-new sewing machines that are on their way to Guatemala. The pastor receiving these already took 2 with him in his suitcase. They will be used to teach sewing at a vocational training school run by a local ministry.

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