We are still here and shipping containers.

I would like to start by apologizing for not updating the website as I have in the past. We are still looking for prayer support for the last container sent to Brazil for Amazon Reach.  Customs is still holding onto 6 items that were in the container.  Two of the items were very important to the missions base, the first was a Baby Z riding mower for the property and the others were two motors for the safety boats.  The last four items are important to the missionary but were still taken for reasons unknown.  Being here in the States, we have a different idea of what is considered Commercial and what is residential.  Although the mower is a residential size it is being considered a commercial mower in Brazil.  This past April, we shipped a container to Slovakia.   We are again getting ready to ship another container for a missionary.  This time it is again heading for Brazil to a ministry called Believers Bridge International.  For those that feel God has not called them to go accross the ocean as a missionary but would like to be involved, prayer and financial support are a great way for you to support missions.  There is great cost in shipping a container and your financial support can relieve the burden on the missionary.  There are two great books called Serving as Senders and the other is The Reentry Team.  Both books show the importance of missions support.  If you live in the Fort Lauderdale, Pompano Beach area and can help package, label or load the container, you can email me at gary@missionaryresource.com and i can fill you in on the details and timeline.  Thank you for your prayer and financial support.  If you have never financially supported this ministry and would like to, you can use the donation button which is securely connected to our paypal account.